Remodeling In Your Home

When we decided one day that it was time to remodel our bathroom, I knew it would be a long task that would look great at the end. We started out by removing our toilets, vanities, bathtub and tile. We went and picked out the colors that we wanted to paint the walls and did that first. We then went back and purchased our new toilet, vanities and tile. We did all of that work on our own and enjoyed working together to have the new bathroom we always wanted.

We hired bathrooms Bolton to install a bath fitter after we picked out a design that would match our decor. They were very professional, affordable and did a wonderful job. We were very pleased on how the bathroom turned out and are now working on our basement bathroom as well.

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July 26th, 2014 by Paul

Dreams do Come True

After three marriages and two children, Marianne was ready for a change. She longed for the body that stopped cars when she was a teenager. She longed for a better image for herself. Marianne was completely happy with her life, but not with the extra pounds she carried in her tummy. Wearing a designer pair of jeans without having to go up two sizes just so the waist line could fit her muffin top was a dream. Marianne realized her dream could come true after seeing a cosmetic surgery commercial while at home. The commercial showed beautiful before and after photos that rivaled the photos of beautiful celebrities. She made the decision to call for an appointment to look into vaser liposuction. She could feel herself feeling better about her body already. That is because she knew that change was possible. Dreams really do come true.

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June 21st, 2014 by Paul

A Doctor’s Short Story

My beeper woke me up in the middle of the night. I, Pat Tecake, MD, was used to this routine. I grabbed my keys and got ready in neon light to drive to the hospital. Living in the gambling capital of Las Jonas, drunk driving was a common occurrence. The usual victims were drunkards themselves, stumbling back to their hotels. Emotionless, I slipped on my down jacket and stepped outside. “Bang.”

“Bang.” I didn’t bother turning my head; just another brain-addled addict talking to himself. I’ve learned along time ago that the only addicts you can help are the ones who want to help themselves.

“Bang,” but louder this time. I turned around. My eyes flashed to the gun in his hand, pointed directly at my head. But I then became transfixed on the gaping wound right below his left eye. The flesh had rotted and shown bone, white as snow.

He spoke again, this time saying something different. Something odd, and the last thing I will hear in my unfulfilled life is pre-operative assessment training.

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June 13th, 2014 by Paul

Fashion Fall Out

My clothing business has been failing. I needed new customers, but nobody was buying anything off of my website. I had no idea what to do. That is until I discovered SEO marketing. Basically, search engine help is able to rank my website as the top search results for words relating to my company. As a result, business has increased by three hundred percent! I am getting orders every hour. The increases online presence has helped my business in more ways then one. I cannot believe I have waited so long to try this out. However, I am glad I did it sooner than later! Now that my clothing is starting to sell I can venture into more unknown territory. I would like to start a handbag line very soon. If my website continues to sell well, then you can be sure I will continue to invest and promote cheap seo services to everyone I meet!

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May 30th, 2014 by Paul